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Paris, France – Brigitte Macron, wife of French President Emmanuel Macron, has reportedly been spotted looking at the parisienne masses in tumult from a balcony at the Elysee, the palace where she resides, and commenting “let them eat cake”. It is just another sign of the fact that history might be repeating itself after the whole chaos that followed the French Rebellion back in 1789. As some of our readers may remember, back then after the rebellion some guy Napoleon seized power, started battling all the other kings...Continue reading »

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Far-right conspiracy theory QAnon has been recently spreading the news that the evil guy in the Star Wars franchise, Darth Vader, is actually the good guy; and that Luke Skywalker is evil and is also responsible for the Covid pandemic. “You know that thing called Death Star” claims Volker Zam, a bouncer from Chattanooga, Tennesse “is actually a sophisticated machine invented to heal planets from pandemics, but the so-called resistance destroys it, them bastards!” The QAnon followers...Continue reading »

In its newest “The World” global guide, travelling guide giant “Lonely Planet” provides poor review of planet Earth due to the neverending Covid pandemic. Planet Earth is “a quite boring place, especially on weekends”, claims the Lonely Planet guide. The publication underscores issues such as a “constantly down-beat population, no great films in theaters and a basically extinct nightlife”. Also restaurants are “expensive and just not what they used to be”. The Lonely...Continue reading »

Berlin, Germany – In a final act of commitment to the anti-climate change agenda, scores of cyclists in Berlin are choking to death to avoid breathing while pedaling, in order to prevent the emission of further CO2 into the atmosphere. “At first I thought it was a joke” claims Jenne Mainerf, a French fashion designer residing in the German capital “but then I took part in this seminar and they told us that when we breathe we emit CO2 and this is not good for the environment, so…”. Right after completing her last sentence,...Continue reading »

Los Gatos, California – A secret memo leaked to The Serpopard presents an internal rule of streaming network “Netflix”: apparently, series are renewed season after season with no mercy, just until the point when they become “as boring as real life”. “Considering covid times” claims Paulito Grossmann, head critic at The New Inquirer “them guys are lowering the bar quite a lot. I mean, to match the boredom of covid-live a series must become REALLY boring”. It seems that the boring-as-real-life...Continue reading »