California quarantine “no big deal” claims mobster John Rambone from his house arrest in LA

Posted on Mar 20 2020 - 2:58pm by Sandra Yannis

Los Angeles, California – Famous Mobster John Rambone sees no significant change in his living condition after the state of California ordered 40 million residents to stay in.

“I have been biding my time here with my son Vito and my wife Anna for the last three years” claims the criminal “and the fact that now we have to remain home does not change my routine a bit”.

Mr. Rambone says that he will be spending the rest of his sentence and the rest of the quarantine in his villa with pool in San Pedro (Los Angeles) “and will leave as soon as they are both finished”.

The Rambone family is a crime syndicate active in the import-export of fake Gucci dresses on the portal “Wish”.

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