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Mount Graham, Arizona – “We finally had an explanation for all those strange sightings in the last years: it was alien starships coming to our planet in order to seize our resources and eat us like appetizers” claims Ronaldo Rincon Jr., Chief Observer at the Mount Graham International Observatory in Arizona. “They had everything ready: cannons, laser beams and all the rest. We had not weapons that could match them guns”. But then, as in the plot of a Hollywood blockbuster, something unexpected happened and...Continue reading »

Scottsdale, Arizona – It seems like yesterday that global reality show “Covid” was launched and was immediately met with global success. The plot had all the features to be the sensation of XXI Century entertainment: A global threat, mysterious dictatorships hiding the truth, and the hope for a cure that would save all. The second season looked as if the world had finally found a solution: get a vaccine and go happy. Still, them scriptwriter folks decided that we needed some new heel and they came up with “anti-vaxxers”....Continue reading »

Sunnyvale, CA – Them folks at Linkedin have a heart and understand how you may feel if you spend too much time on Linkedin. It is really taxing to learn how basically all of your acquaintances even from the kindergarden years are killing it with their career – except for you. People on Linkedin seem to be getting a promotion every second week. Even more frequently, half of them has already made it to some CEO position. They constantly receive recognitions for whom they feel “humbled”, whereas the only...Continue reading »

Cape Cod, MA – Sergeant Luois Dellipolli couldn’t believe his eyes when he broke into the cellar of socialite Francis Jerome in Martha’s Vineyard: there were no less than 60 battery cages each with its fighting cat in it, obviously trained to compete in cat-fighting rings. “These felines were scary, dude” claims Dellipolli. “They kept on hissing at us. Luckily enough, they were beind reiforced bars, otherwise they would have jumped right to our jugulars”. Among the cats there were also some...Continue reading »

Los Angeles, CA – It seems that the writers of drama-series are having a hard time trying to find a plot-twist making the second season of “Covid-19” as interesting as the first one. “They have all the cast they want – I mean, really all the cast” declares Pablo John Hutcher, a series critic for Vice “but then all you have is a low-budget sequel that is like a mixture of The Ozark and The English Patient. No excitement whatsoever”. “In the business there is also this rumor of the finale” adds Paulina...Continue reading »