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Berlin, Germany – Dating start-up Parship has been covering the walls of Europe calling for help: on its platform there is some guy that supposedly falls in love every 11 minutes, leaving ex-lovers in despair after such short-lived romances. Beathe Usa, the CEO of Parship, is desperate. “This is mining the credibility of our platform”, she declared. This guy uses multiple accounts to drive girls and boys to believe to his truest feelings, just to abandon them 10’59” later”. Clearly enough, the guy seems to have almost unlimited...Continue reading »

“Marriage Story” by Noah Baumbach (US, 2019, 20 minutes too long) with Scarlett Johansson, Kylo Ren and Laura Dern. On Netflix. Some actress (Scarlett Johansson) claims that she’s not happy anymore with genius director husband in New York (Kylo Ren) and takes their son away to Los Angeles and hires a shark lawyer (Laura Dern) to claim that the son is hers and basically she is free to do whatever she wants because she needs to pursue her acting career, since as we all know New York is no film city apart from –...Continue reading »

Venice, Italy – It is not clear yet why has it taken so many years to be adopted, but the easiest solution had always been at hand: Venice residents will just move one floor higher and avoid all high-water related problems. “It is something everyone has been contemplating since the times of the Venetian Republic” admits Alessandro Siorpaes, a resident of Castello district in Venice. “But nobody felt comfortable at speaking his opinion”. Venetians are moving one floor up to avoid soaking their shoes every...Continue reading »

Jean-Claude is getting serious! After having showcased his skills at maiming eggs, our undead chef will present his best take on an all-American classic: the lobster! Hosted by our phenomenal host Daniel Roberts, our cooking video will make the best chef out of you! ...

Bumble, the female-first dating app, has proudly announced the launch of “Bumble Bizz”, a system to connect with like-minded professionals from your surroundings. “We thought that you have just so much time to meet freaks in your spare time using the conventional Bumble Date solution” claims Whitney Wolf Herd, the CEO of Bumble. “So we came up with this idea to stack up people’s calendars with awkward professional dates as well”. The concept is simple: say that you have some spare time after lunch and all you long...Continue reading »