Amid Covid, Lonely Planet guide claims Planet “quite boring place”

Posted on Feb 2 2022 - 10:33am by Sandra Yannis

In its newest “The World” global guide, travelling guide giant “Lonely Planet” provides poor review of planet Earth due to the neverending Covid pandemic.

Planet Earth is “a quite boring place, especially on weekends”, claims the Lonely Planet guide.

The publication underscores issues such as a “constantly down-beat population, no great films in theaters and a basically extinct nightlife”. Also restaurants are “expensive and just not what they used to be”.

The Lonely Planet has given Planet Earth a two-star review out of five. “This place needs a serious revamp and a change in management”, claims the guide.

The downgrading of Planet Earth by the Lonely Planet follows the one by French “Guide du Routard”.

The only guide finding Planet Earth still in good shape is London-based “Rough Guides”, but they admit that since they are English they believe that the lockdown is an improvement compared to the usual hooligan-infested nights favored by English tourists abroad.