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Minecraft, Metaverse – An NFT-virus created in a lab in Minecraft is keeping on infecting more and more avatars in the metaverse. “We are witnessing terrible cases” claims Dr. FredAhno, an avatar expert in avatar respiratory syndromes in Minecraft. “Intensive care units will soon be completely used up”. The owners of Minecraft are forcing avatars to wear face masks and spend time in their virtual houses. People in the real world are therefore compelled to juggle around with their avatars in tiny virtual spaces, only occasionally...Continue reading »

Rocky Mountains, Colorado – “It is finally ready” annouced this morning former US President Donald Trump with an evil laughter. “My secret orcs breeding facility is ready to spit out hundreds of thousands of supporters for mz persona from tonight to the 2024 election!” The announcement was delivered at a press conference in front of a pyramid-shaped mountain that – interestingly enough – had changed color in the last months, transitioning from the usual brickstone-red of the Colorado mountains,...Continue reading »

Sydney, Australia – Tennis fans are worried: world n.1 Novak Djokovic might soon run of ideas to make his persona even more detested in the circuit and beyond. “He has always been an increadible source of bad ideas. Pretending to be injured while losing, breaking rackets, hitting line umpires with fastballs” claims Georgina Sblinga, president of the Australian Djokovic Fan Club “and now this idea of coming to the Australian Open without a vaccine. But this sounds like an extreme. Should he be like going around the...Continue reading »

Some guy that really doesn’t look like as if he wanted to shoot a fourth chapter of a once-successful franchise (Keanu Reeves) spends his life programming some sort of Minecraft called “Matrix”, which is actually the first chapter of the franchise where he was a protagonist. (The Serpopard apologises but we really couldn’t make it any simpler). As improbable as it may look, it gets even worse because in the first part his colleagues talk for like fifteen minutes about how cool the first chapter was and what...Continue reading »

New York City, NY – The American nation appears very excited to spend yet another Christmas dinner talking about the ever-going covid pandemic. “It’s just so exciting” believes John F. Puternackal, a plumber from upstate New York. “I cannot wait to sit down and listen to uncle Ricardo starting his rants about the Illuminati controlling the global infection”. Mr. Puternackal at work Possibly, corona Christmas dinner are starting to follow a tradition, with charachters that tend to repeat at all gatherings: Auntie...Continue reading »