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Berlin, Germany – After years in the making, the secret project “Disneyland Berlin” finally opens its doors: “It’s a great moment in the history of global entertainment” claims Rocco Tripper, Vice-President for Parks Extravaganza at Disney. Mr. Tripper claimed that “compared to romantic Paris, also this park embodies some local spirit: hence, the big area dedicated to BDSM, a great Berlin tradition”. “BDSM Kingdom” will be forbidden to minors and will offer fancy rides such as “It’s a Leather World...Continue reading »

al-Qaim, Iraq –  Time for a change in the Kingdom of Isis: after years trying to charme out ideological opposers with gore videos of hostage killings, Isis will try its hand at comedy. “It’s a pivotal change in our marketing strategy” claims Mohammad al-Aferim, Minister for Islamic Commercials of the Islamic State “as we realized that splatter is more of a 1990s thing: Tarantino is history now. People want to laugh”. The Isis leadership is organizing screenings of US comedy masterpieces in its secret hiding...Continue reading »

Hollywood, CA – After 21 nominations it’s time for a change: at the end of the last Oscar night, an exhausted Meryl Streep decided to switch from a “perform-as-you-go” model to a subscription for her Academy Awards. “It’s just more convenient” declared the actress. “Instead of having to act me out every year, I can enjoy now the certainty to receive a nomination on a regular basis. I will be more relaxed and will even perform better, for the satisfaction of my fans”, added Mrs. Streep. The...Continue reading »

New York, NY – Cult fraudster Martin Shkreli thought he had made it: a light 7-year sentence for a multi-million scam involving the usual hedge fund and a bunch of MBAs. Judge Kiyo Matsumoto reportedly “struggled” to decide upon the sentence, as the prosecution had asked for 15 years and Mr. Shkreli sent her heartbreaking letters where he was claiming how sorry he was. In one of the most delicate passages, Mr. Shkreli claimed that “he’ll be good if the judge was good with him”. Arguments like this eventually...Continue reading »

Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – In 2018 the business of foreign documentaries is set to become North Korea’s second largest industry after nuclear weapons. The entirely foreseeable announcement has been given by the country’s leader Kim Jong-Un in a press conference at the newly built “Conference Center for Foreign Documentarists” in Pyongyang, the country capital. “Every year we received more and more filmmakers that pretended to be naive tourists wanting to explore the beauties...Continue reading »