Vegan toddlers are refusing to be breast-fed by mothers

Posted on Feb 7 2019 - 2:37pm by Ricarda Stevenson

Santa Monica, LA, California – The Los Angeles hospitals are hit by a rise in starving toddlers that are refusing to be breast-fed by their mothers. “It’s an epidemic” believes Dr. Steffen Arthur, pediatrician “since every day we must take care of at least two dozens of toddlers that refuse to be fed with an animal product such as breast milk”.

Vegan-feminist activists are nonetheless delighted. Saura Parkinson, head of the Vegan Mocha Walnut Latte club in San Bernardino, California, believes that “this is the final step towards ending the exploitation of mothers, used by this patriarchal society as diary factories without any concern for human rights”.

The wave of vegan toddlers started supposedly last year, when kids in at a party in a Malibu villa decided altogether to refuse their mum’s milk. “They wanted to be fed with vegan bacon, sausages and chips” claims Armanda Harris, a 33 year old mother of two and present at the party.

Some of the toddlers have gone the extra mile and have embraced meditation and yoga. Instead of crying they go “ohm” for like hours. “I miss the time when they were just crying: this howling is unsustainable” added Mrs. Harris.

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