NFT-Covid spreads in Minecraft and forces metaverse into lockdown

Posted on Jan 9 2022 - 9:14am by Zac De La Vigne

Minecraft, Metaverse – An NFT-virus created in a lab in Minecraft is keeping on infecting more and more avatars in the metaverse. “We are witnessing terrible cases” claims Dr. FredAhno, an avatar expert in avatar respiratory syndromes in Minecraft. “Intensive care units will soon be completely used up”.

The owners of Minecraft are forcing avatars to wear face masks and spend time in their virtual houses. People in the real world are therefore compelled to juggle around with their avatars in tiny virtual spaces, only occasionally taking breaks in the real world for mundana activities like working or going to the restroom.

“We thought that the metaverse would be spared from the virus, but we were very wrong” claims LilKilla895, a sorcerer living in the Minecraft lands of Fedreoni5l34, that he created for himself. Since then, he has been biding his time in a virtual castle in the company of KenKen1Ken, “although I am not sure yet if behind KenKen1Ken there is an actual person or an AI”, claims LilKilla895.

The virtual labs of Minecraft are striving to find an NFT vaccine and reach herd immunity, but there are reports of people claiming that the vaccine is just a big scam and that the NFT Covid doesn’t exist.

“Believe whatever you want” claims Dr. FredAhno “but our beds are filling up at unprecedented rates. If your Minecraft avatar dies, you’ll have to – uhm – restart the game and resuscitate it, but that would be a pain”.

The origin of the NFT virus is still uncertain, although some claim that everything originated from virtual bats changing latitudes due to climate change in Minecraft.