New “iConsent” app to close instant sexual consent contracts

Posted on Mar 14 2018 - 7:58pm by Andrea Julia Smith

New York, NY – The law Firm “Ben, Benson & Bensonmum” from New York launched today an app called “iConsent” to close instant consent contracts between wannabe sexual partners. “This is the definitive answer to all those discussions about what constitutes consent” claims the Head of Digital Development of the firm, Carlos Martin Jr.

“The way it works is quite straightforward” claims Mr. Martin Jr: “Before a possible intimate situation both partners will simply log on on the app on the respective mobile phones and will define how far they want to go, and even if they want nudity involved”. The options range from a kiss on the lips, to french kissing, all the way to dry-humping and complete sexual acts. The partners will agree on the extent of their interaction and will sign a binding contract checking a box.

Mr. Martin Jr. claims that the inspiration comes from the Islamic world, where strict religious people close temporary marriage contracts with sexual partners: “I asked then the heads of the firm, Mr. Ben, Mr. Benson and Mr. Bensonmum: why don’t we make a digital version of it? We already have halal meat and Islamic finance already”.

In the plans of the firm, iConsent will offer many interesting development opportunities, such as background certificates to prove that partners are not currently in a relationship (or actually are in one, depending on preferences); integrations with health apps to calculate calories consumption during the intercourse; and real-time certified statistics about the sexual habits of people for pre-marriage reference checks. The statistics can be private or can be posted on Facebook for those self-unsure souls pronte to  braggadocio.

The law firm is also planning an integration with a Kamasutra app to provide contract tailored in detail on the positions the partners agree upon in advance.  “It’s like a menu, but a binding one” claims Mr. Martin Jr.

“In a development pack expected for 2019 the app will also offer the chance to get married via smartphone, through a binding contract to be accepted checking a box” adds Mr. Martin Jr. The iConsent marriage experience will be fully customizable with a wide choice range in marriage music and background colors.

The app is based on a “pay-per-intercourse” basis with costs ranging from 3 to 19 dollars depending on the options. There is also a free version with video ads that play during the act.

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