Humanity decides this year that future droids will all speak British English

Posted on Mar 7 2020 - 5:11pm by Sandra Yannis

Des Moines, Iowa – Ever wondered why in Sci-Fi films all droids speak with that balmy British accent? Are you curious to find out why humanoids met in the most remote corners of the Universe have this tendency to talk as if they were members of the English royalty?

“It is a decision humanity is set to make in 2020” claims Prof. Rodrigo Anapurna, head of robotic language research at Des Moines Community College. “It is meant as a joke to future American astronauts, that will hibernate for a couple of generations and then will defrost and meet some arrogant pal with a foreign accent”.

Although all the technologies that will bring the astronauts to the space are purely US American, for some yet-to-be-explained complex it seems that a robo-man is more credible if he speaks British English.

“The case is not isolated” continues Prof. Anapurna “because also in Star Wars there is officers and monsters that speak British English out of the blue”.

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