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Hollywood, California – It was a hit in the 1980s: the story of a shy kid wanting to learn karate to overcome his limits. He is helped by an American actor pretending to have a strong Japanese accent, that teaches him the secrets of the martial art through boring, extenuating exercises such as waxing a car, painting a fence and sanding a floor. “Karate Kid” was a cult movie for a young generation of fans, that then entered karate dojos and tried to learn karate for even for four lessons. But those were the 1980s, when you still had to work at least...Continue reading »

Pasadena, CA – Miranda Chan looks unsettled as she removes the bumper sticker from the rear of her car, bearing the statement “No Nuclear Energy for a Cleaner Future”: “I had no idea”, declares Mrs. Chan, “That the sun is just a big nuclear reactor”.  The permanent fission of hydrogen and helium atoms is the main reaction process that takes place on our star. “Harvesting energy from the sun is not different than plugging your tv directly into a nuclear reactor” adds Mrs. Chan, trashing...Continue reading »

Cape Cod, MA – It was an unusual sight for Moose Delaney, 74, retired plumber, when last Monday during his morning jog he saw dozens of dark figures lying on a beach close to the shack where he resides. “At first I thought it was a bunch of survivors from some party, one of the many held around here during the season”, says Mr. Delaney, “when I realized it was actually stranded Republicans still wearing their suits“. It was a total of 124 Republicans beached in Cape Cod, just in front of the Italian Restaurant...Continue reading »

Berlin, Germany – It is considered one of the most popular attractions in Berlin: tourists from all over the world just cannot resist standing on line for hours to eat some meat in a bun. But tourist tradition is tourist tradition, and to those that marvel at the never ending line in front of the kebab stand of Mustafa, the only explanation is: it is delicious. But is it really? A secret source contacted The Serpopard to reveal a scary truth: Mustafa’s kebab is nothing special. He is just very, very slow at preparing it. “It’s...Continue reading »

Hollywood, CA – Are you afraid that your son might one day dream about a film career? The idea of your kid being best-boy or electrician, spending his life in your apartment until his early forties, keeps you awake at night? Do you believe that 300,000 bucks are better spent on a Maserati, rather that a film degree? The “Sincere Film Museum” is your solution. Soon to open in Hollywood, this museum “aims at representing film-making life as it really is, in order to discourage your siblings from any visual-art related...Continue reading »