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Honolulu, Hawaii – If you think that the planet has become as boring as North-Korea you might have a clue: Kim Jong-Un has actually taken over the planet and converted human civilization into a pale copy or Pyongyang, North-Korea’s capital. “The stores are closed, people are unhappy and there is always less money” observes Gianluca Proietti, an Italian cook that served as North-Korea’s President personal chef for three years. “So” Proietti adds” everything looks just like back there. Possibly the embarrassment...Continue reading »

Washington, D.C. – “The point is just that we don’t know how to tell this to the electorate” claims Marcinkus Rotherson, head of election operation in Washington. “That map is not going anywhere. Biden stays like at 254 and Trump at 213. That’s it. Basta. Finito”. What many electors where suspecting is slowly being confirmed as reality: the US election will not have a winner. “It is also clear, I mean” declares Rambo Johnston, a plumber from Waco, Texas. “We have been staring at that stupid map since...Continue reading »

Washington, D.C. – Joe Biden thought he had made it and was approaching the White House, the traditional residency of U. S. President, when suddenly a low-pitched, distorted evil laughter was heard on the South Lawn. Then, the White House stood on robo-legs and an Evil Trump started commanding his secret war-machine to counter the attacks of the President elect. “Possibly, this was the secret weapon Trump had been bragging about so loudly” claims Gen. Martina Starborn from Wichita, Texas. “We just hadn’t realized that the weapon...Continue reading »

Phoenix, Arizona – When in the second grade, a young, impressionable Alice Cooper experienced a traumatic incident which would change the course of his life forever. While the rest of his classmates drew teddy bears and sunflowers during Friday free time, creative minded Alice worked to paint an intricate scene of an enraged skeleton with a top hat in the foreground of an erupting volcano and a sky full of lightning. When little Alice went to show the teacher, however, instead of being met with warm praise, Mrs. Crawford called his...Continue reading »

Atlanta, Georgia – Magdalena Williamstone is the director of the Entertainment Division at the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, and her take on Covid-19 is clear: “Soon people will run out of gags, jokes, memes and all the other b*llshit they use to cope with the harshness of the lockdown”. Mrs. Magdalena Williamstone in her office outfit The expiration date for global humor has been estimated by the institute for the end of April, 2020. “It has become a Covid-19 tradition” continues...Continue reading »