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Istanbul, Turkey – The massive church had stood there in the Turkish capital for almost a millennium – and then the Turks decided to take it over and convert it into a mosque. The despicable act of religious hatred is just another one in a series of attacks carried on by the Turks against other communities such as the massacre of the inhabitants of Constantinople. “It happened almost overnight” claims local resident Amir Bozoglu “as if they had entered from some secret door in the city walls and did...Continue reading »

Mexico City, Mexico – The Mexican border patrol is already on white alert: “If any of those Americans will try to cross the wall to escape the snow, we will shoot at first sight” claims Armando Lopéz, a sergeant at the border town of Juarez. “Sincerely speaking” claims Mr. Lopéz “we never thought that this Trump thing could become so useful”. Just behind the wall, on the US side snowflakes are piling up building a six or seven feet high snow mantel. It is a stark contrast to the situation...Continue reading »

New York City, New York – New York Major Bill de Blasio is sure that the possible result is worth the effort: “We want to reintroduce this mammal species that has been completely wiped out by finance”. The plan is to move five couples of artists in basements around the central neighborhood of Manhattan. “The town researchers claim that the reproductive patterns of these mammals is rather uncommon” continued de Blasio at a press conference at the City Hall this morning “as they may engage in group sex and...Continue reading »

Newfoundland, Atlantic Ocean – You thought that the story of Jack Dawson would end with the first Titanic? “You are very wrong” claims director James Cameron “as twenty years after the first film we are working on a sequel: Jack in the Deep Blue Sea”. The original story saw the onset of an extramarital affair between a gold-digger named Rose and a good-looking loser called Jack. In the original film, Rose is supposed to marry some rich banker and: Save her family from bankruptcy Ensure her mum a sustainable retirement Enjoy...Continue reading »

McLean, Virginia – Oceans full of plastic, job uncertainty and income polarization, rising temperatures, deforestation and the epidemic of trap music: if you thought this couldn’t be real, there is good news for you. It is not real.  “We actually live in the result of a Soviet experiment gone rogue, launched in the last days of the USSR” declared CIA head Gina Haspel at a press conference this morning. “The project was meant to show the West what capitalism could become if neoliberal forces were set free to control...Continue reading »