Corona just lame plot-twist in 3rd season of TV-series you are living in

Posted on Apr 10 2020 - 7:19am by Luger James

Lincoln, Nebraska – The authors of your life series had just run out of ideas and came up with this Corona thing as a last resort plot-twist to keep audiences amused.

“Because, come on, do you think this is plausible?” asks Bob Mahoney, a self-taught guru from Lincoln, Nebraska. “The authors wrote that a virus from some remote town in China spread from bats to humans and now you have to spend your life at house arrests. Come on!”

Zina Richardson, contract killer from Chattanooga, Tennessee, seems to believe what the guru is saying. “I used to live a life of action and mystery, and there was simply no real reason for this event that turned my life into a river of boredom”.

Zina Richardson, a contract killer from Chattanooga, Tennessee, contemplating the boredom of the third series of her life

“Possibly, your life had started with the most promising intents. You know, the miracle of life and all the stuff” claims the guru. “And then all the the hopes that you would become like king of the world, or pop singer, or actor”.

“But then the plot started becoming less compelling as the authors chose an average path for the story” continues Mr. Mahoney. “It is typical: networks spend a lor of money in the first episodes, and once the fan base is built, they transform it into a low-cost, low-paced, predictable soap-opera”.

By producing the new season in your apartment, the networks are saving a lot of money in terms of locations and extras compensation. “A-ha” yells Mrs. Richardson. “No more action scenes in Detroit and stuff! No more shootings! That’s a smart budget decision!”

The guru mentions other series as examples. “Also Lost lost it at season three, when the protagonists spend basically all the episodes in a cage. Or take ‘Future Man’ and ‘Ozark’, whose third seasons are better than Tavor if you have sleeping problems”.

“The series that your life is” is airing everyday in front of your eyes and yes, you are seriously locked in an apartment feeding on expensive, home-delivered food, watching other lame series on Netflix.

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