EU-xit: Exhausted Europe leaves EU to leave Britain alone

Posted on Apr 2 2019 - 1:07pm by Luger James

Brussels, Belgium – “It was the only choice” claims EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. “Those Brits have been just incapable of finding a way to leave the European Union. So Europe decided to leave the European Union”.

Europe will create a new international organization named “No Brits Club”, where the common feature of all members is that they are not Britain. “This will open up possibilities of membership even for African or Asian countries”, claims Mr. Juncker.

The EU Parliament is also negotiating an agreement to share the sovereign debt of all the states (take the monstre-debts of Italy and Greece) and emit Eurobonds that will have to be repaid by the EU.

“Too bad that Britain will soon be the only EU member left”, concludes Mr. Juncker sipping a double whisky on the rocks.

A study by the Brussels Center for European Studies recently revealed that negotiating an “EU-xit” with 27 members (all the EU states minus the UK) will take less time and comedy than the Brexit.

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