Justin Trudeau’s secret dog fight ring unveiled in his cellar

Posted on Mar 5 2019 - 5:46pm by Luger James

Ottawa, Canada – He was possibly the only politician able at striking decent dancing moves, but this was not enough to save him from yet another scandal looming above his administration.

As a corruption story is forcing basically all of his ministers to resign, a secret dog fight ring has been discovered in the cellar of his home at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.

“We got a lead from a local dog food market owner” claims Detective Giuliano Mangoes, leading the case “as Mr. Trudeau wearing a Clouseauesque costume would enter the shop once per week ordering tons of dog food with no reasonable excuse”.

Security footage shows Trudeau wearing improbable outfits such as juggler, 1980s aerobics instructor and pirate, pretending to be a different person each time.

The scenery in Mr. Trudeau’s cellar was a mix of misery and dirt. “There were cages with tiny dogs, average sized dogs, large dogs and white supremacists ready for the fight”, claims Mr. Mangoes.

Possibly, the only positive note is that, in respect of gender rights, the lead of all the organization had been left to a woman, Vanessa Santana, a native of Bogotà, Colombia. Mrs. Santana has been apprehended as she was cleaning the ring from the blood of two white supremacists that had fought the night before.

Mr. Trudeau’s office is expected to address the allegations this evening.

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