Coronavirus: Humanity abandons expression “like there is no tomorrow” because actually no tomorrow

Posted on Mar 17 2020 - 2:08pm by Andrea Julia Smith

Salt Lake City, Utah – Milfred Adamand Sr., an English Literature teacher at the School for the Elderly in Salt Lake City, has no doubt: “given the fact that due to coronavirus there is not tomorrow, humanity has abandoned the expression ‘like there is no tomorrow’ because it would be pleonastic”.

In other words, “it suffices to say something like ‘I am running’, without specifying that ‘there is no tomorrow’. Anything you do is like-there-is-no-tomorrow” claims the literate.

Mr. Adamand Sr. has been fighting a battle against this expression for many years. “I believe” continues the teacher “that it eventually never made no sense whatsoever. If there is no tomorrow you would not be running, dancing or stuff. You would be engaged in a crazed eating and mating spree, given that you would still be able to survive in a rapidly decaying world, ridden by violent anarchists willing to leave this dimension with a boom”.

The wishes of Adamand Sr. have been finally fulfilled: humanity is locked at home engaging in a final eating-and-mating spree (at least for couples) and there is no tomorrow. “It will last only a few hours, but contemplating a like-there-is-no-tomorrow free world is worth all the sacrifice”, concludes Mr. Adamand Sr.

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