Coronavirus: area man sure all other customers in supermarket stupid hoarders

Posted on Mar 16 2020 - 3:34pm by Klaretta Möller

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Matthew Clark IV, a plumber from Rock Spring (TN) is sure that all the other clients at the local Wal-Mart are crazy hoarders that fill up their shopping carts in fear of the Coronavirus epidemic – but he is not.

“I am different than this bunch of cretins” declared the voice in the mind of Mr. Clark IV “because I truly need to buy 10 dozens of toilet paper rolls and half a ton of canned beans. I am not doing this because of the virus”.

Matthew Clark IV has personally built a new wing in his small-town house in order to hoard more food, “But I did it for my pleasure” added the voice in his head.

Mr. Clark IV’s grocery bill was in the range of multiple-thousands bucks, “but just because I felt so, not because I am afraid as all the others are” concluded his stream of consciousness.

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