Homer’s heirs sue Netflix over filming rights for “Troy”

Posted on Apr 12 2018 - 8:02am by Ricarda Stevenson

Troy, Greece – A group of 1,594,375 Greeks that claim to be Homer’s descendants filed a mass lawsuit against Netflix for copyright infringement: it seems that the TV-Series “Troy” has been inspired by a story written by their famous ancestor before the birth of Jesus.

“It’s very disgraceful” claims Kostas Papadopulos, a sponge diver from the Symi island “that this very rich TV network stole the story of our grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand-grand [catches a deep breath] grand-grand-grand-grand-dad without even asking. And it’s surprising how they thought they could just get away with it”.

The Greek poet Homer is the author of a poem, the “Iliad”, and his heirs claim that the text has been ransacked to create the plot of “Troy”.

“We have to defend our rights” believes Prof. Kostas Megalos, a high-school teacher in gymnastics “because otherwise the Yankees would feel safe enough to move on and steal also the Odyssey, another work by our grand(x 75)-dad”.

The lawsuit asks for a compensation of 2 million USD per person, plus a free lifelong subscription to Netflix, and also the complete re-shooting of Troy to make it at least decent.

“Yes, the last point is the most important one” adds Papadopulos “because Troy looks like a mash-up between Xena and an Argentinian soap-opera, with hints of porn films from the 1990s”.

Homer lived somewhere in Greece sometime ago and some scholars claim he actually never existed.

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