“Covid-19” new season “Second Wave” not as interesting as first one

Posted on Nov 9 2020 - 5:23pm by Luger James

Los Angeles, CA – It seems that the writers of drama-series are having a hard time trying to find a plot-twist making the second season of “Covid-19” as interesting as the first one.

“They have all the cast they want – I mean, really all the cast” declares Pablo John Hutcher, a series critic for Vice “but then all you have is a low-budget sequel that is like a mixture of The Ozark and The English Patient. No excitement whatsoever”.

“In the business there is also this rumor of the finale” adds Paulina Marchetti, editor-in-chief of Series Daily. “The authors have really no idea about how to make it end”.

It is a sad turn for a series that appeared to have hit a lucky vein when it first appeared at the beginning of 2020. The unusual marketing strategy seemed to pay off: “Covid-19” was first released in an unknown town from the Chinese province, to then – literally – take over the world.

“But then people got really bored. I mean – this is worse than that Lost season when the protagonists spent virtually all the time in a cage. Lame” concludes Mrs. Marchetti.

The ratings have been dropping constantly since the announcement that the new season would be based on a revamping of the same core idea of the first season – the lockdown.

“But it is rumored that the Series will be called off after Season 2. The fundamentals are not there anymore” claims Mr. John Hutcher.

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