Linkedin launches “Linkedout”, a social about failures that will make you feel better about yourself

Posted on Dec 13 2021 - 10:23am by Luger James

Sunnyvale, CA – Them folks at Linkedin have a heart and understand how you may feel if you spend too much time on Linkedin. It is really taxing to learn how basically all of your acquaintances even from the kindergarden years are killing it with their career – except for you.

People on Linkedin seem to be getting a promotion every second week. Even more frequently, half of them has already made it to some CEO position. They constantly receive recognitions for whom they feel “humbled”, whereas the only humiliating thing for you is your stagnating career.

But these times will soon be gone for good.

How could you ever feel good if everyone is so successful, but you?Following the most precious precept of Schadenfreude, Linkedin is soon to launch “Linkedout”, a professional social where people will be compelled to share their failures.

Boss denying a pay raise? Check!

Being forced to work a 120-hour week to complete menial tasks? Check!

Your desk neighbor that just CANNOT HELP YELLING AT THE PHONE? Check!

“Linkedout” will also offer an accurate selection of employment opportunities exclusively made out of dead-end jobs, internships and any job in New York City.

“We are very proud of this project” claims Veretta Schagenfurz, Head of Socialization at Linkedin. “We will be setting a new standard in the are of psychological well-being of our users. Schadenfreude is the word”.

Linkedout will be launched in the most dangerous US suburbs in January 2022 and will soon roll out to all the world.