Lockdown large cover-up for North Korea having actually taken over the planet

Posted on Nov 9 2020 - 5:09pm by Luger James

Honolulu, Hawaii – If you think that the planet has become as boring as North-Korea you might have a clue: Kim Jong-Un has actually taken over the planet and converted human civilization into a pale copy or Pyongyang, North-Korea’s capital.

“The stores are closed, people are unhappy and there is always less money” observes Gianluca Proietti, an Italian cook that served as North-Korea’s President personal chef for three years. “So” Proietti adds” everything looks just like back there.

Possibly the embarrassment by western leaders was too much, and instead of admitting to have lost to Kim, they have decided to lockup the planet. “Ask me, it seems rather childish” claims Mr. Proietti.

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