Illegal cat-fighting ring uncovered in Martha’s Vineyard

Posted on Nov 9 2021 - 3:32pm by Andrea Julia Smith

Cape Cod, MA – Sergeant Luois Dellipolli couldn’t believe his eyes when he broke into the cellar of socialite Francis Jerome in Martha’s Vineyard: there were no less than 60 battery cages each with its fighting cat in it, obviously trained to compete in cat-fighting rings.

“These felines were scary, dude” claims Dellipolli. “They kept on hissing at us. Luckily enough, they were beind reiforced bars, otherwise they would have jumped right to our jugulars”.

Among the cats there were also some “Cat-Bulls”, the infamous fighting breed developed in England for the precise scope of cat-fighting.

A dangerous Cat-Bull ready to attack

“These cats have a terrible life behind them” adds Dellipolli “but they are obviously a danger for the people. We will have to put them to sleep”.

Mrs. Jerome’s lawyer – reached by The Serpopard – denied the allegations and claimed that the cats are “for mere company purposes only”. He also added that “there is no dangerous cat, but dangerous owners – and Mrs. Jerome is not a dangerous owner”.

Mrs. Jerome has been released on bail and is expected to appear at her hearing next December at the Boston High Court.

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