Not-yet defeated Trump transforms White House into last phase final boss

Posted on Nov 7 2020 - 9:34am by Klaretta Möller

Washington, D.C. – Joe Biden thought he had made it and was approaching the White House, the traditional residency of U. S. President, when suddenly a low-pitched, distorted evil laughter was heard on the South Lawn.

Then, the White House stood on robo-legs and an Evil Trump started commanding his secret war-machine to counter the attacks of the President elect.

“Possibly, this was the secret weapon Trump had been bragging about so loudly” claims Gen. Martina Starborn from Wichita, Texas. “We just hadn’t realized that the weapon was meant for his own purpose of staying in power forever”.

Joe Biden has lost a life in the first attempt to fight the boss, baffled by the unexpected new phase. He will possibly go back to the armory and equip with additional weapons to try again claiming power.

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