Thousands of unpaid invoices of Berlin freelancers found in deposit in Poland

Posted on Feb 14 2019 - 8:13am by Luger James

Poznan, Poland – “That’s where they had ended up!” were the first words of Luca Greff, a Berlin graphic designer, upon learning that his invoices since 2014 had been retrieved.

The documents have resurfaced in a deposit in the middle-of-nowhere town of Poznan, in Poland, together with an estimated 10,000 cubic meters (350,000 cubic feet) of other unpaid invoices from Berlin.

There is everything possible: web design, videomaking, photoshooting – although around 75% is for “Life Coaching Session” and “Ayahuasca Ceremony”.

The Head of the investigative department of Berlin, Lars Stümpfler, believes that “this is a turning point for the entire German capital, because one of the biggest mysteries is finally solved: why do all freelancers invoices go regularly unpaid?”

It seems that the invoices took the wrong way to Poland due to a hacking operation perpetrated by the Stasi, as a final means to hinder the development of liberal capitalism.

“It was an idea of Stasi Head Erich Mielke: make sure that fragmented working structures and exploitation of independent workers would not blossom” claims Officer Stümpfler “by mining the essential aspect of having invoices paid”.

Possibly, Mielke didn’t consider the fact that most freelancers in Berlin work for free and/or still believe in be paid in “visibility”. Additionally, the German government introduced measures such as “minijob” or “one-euro jobs” that have people working almost for free – and without the need of invoicing.

“In the end” concludes Mr. Stümpfler “capitalism proved once again more creative than state-led economies”.

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