The Film Critic! “Color out of space” by Richard Stanley: a meteor infects Earth with bad acting

Posted on Mar 11 2020 - 8:13am by Luger James

There is this pink meteor that lands into the yard of a family somewhere – basically is the same set and same lead actor of that film “Knowing” from 2009. The pink meteor does not bring disco music back to Earth, but something like spores or rays or whatever, nobody really knows what until we see some more film and we realize that basically the meteor has brought bad acting.

Everybody overacts. Nicols Cage screams, his wife Joely Richardson screams, their daughter scream, the younger brother screams, and the only one not screaming is the middle son because as usual the middle one is the most introverted because he received no attention.

Then there is a hydrologist that claims the bad acting disease is in the water, but nobody listens to him, maybe because his acting is decent and the others cannot perceive his means. At this point the film falters definitively and the bad acting ramps up to a choral bad performance, so much that the bad acting energy results into an explosion razing the house of Nicolas Cage to the ground. The only one surviving is the hydrologist, but in the final scene he looks a little like Kate Winslet in the finale of Titanic – he is also a victim of bad acting and the virus spreads on.

Serpo-nutshell: a great film to watch with your sons should they ever consider an acting career. They will surely go for engineering afterwards.

Serpo-Stars: 1/5

“Color out of space” by Richard Stanley (2019), with Nicolas Cage, Joely Richardson, Madeleine Arthur.

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