The Film Critic! “Matrix – Resurrections”

Posted on Dec 30 2021 - 6:37pm by Luger James

Some guy that really doesn’t look like as if he wanted to shoot a fourth chapter of a once-successful franchise (Keanu Reeves) spends his life programming some sort of Minecraft called “Matrix”, which is actually the first chapter of the franchise where he was a protagonist.

(The Serpopard apologises but we really couldn’t make it any simpler).

As improbable as it may look, it gets even worse because in the first part his colleagues talk for like fifteen minutes about how cool the first chapter was and what cultural value it had yadda yadda.

Keanu Reeves looking trying to exit the Matrix franchise

So the plot goes on scraping the bottom of the cyberpunk barrel and it turns out that Keanu Reeves is actually still in the Matrix, in the sense that he died but then of course someone had actually frozen him and now he resurrects again, and then he fights again Kung-Fu against some guy that looks a little like Morpheus, but is not really Morpheus, and then there is a bunch of explosions.

Keanu has got this group of friends that have the most peculiar hairdos, like pink, with dreads, with textures, and in general they look as scary as a K-pop boy band.

There is a villain who is not really Agent Smith, but might be Agent Smith, and we don’t really understand if he’s good or bad or if he landed there by random chance (The Serpopard believes he landed there by random chance).

Then somehow Keanu reunites with his old flame Trinity and we realize that all this story was made so that he could be with her again. To a certain extent, it is the tale of a geeky programmer who spends his entire life trying to get back with his summer flirt of twenty years before. Normally he doesn’t succeed, but in “Matrix – Resurrections” he does, and that adds to the overall implausibility of the whole construct.

Vote: 5 stars out of 5. Anything to make the Wachowski sisters happy and prevent them from making another installment.