US Military U.F.O. video was just Jeremy Clarkson shooting new “Grand Tour” season

Posted on Mar 14 2018 - 5:17pm by Luger James

Washington, D.C. – We all thought they were here for us: we might have believed they wanted to save our planet, or destroy it. Yet, the Navy video showing an unidentified object cruising at ludicrous speed over the sea surface was just Jeremy Clarkson shooting an episode of the upcoming “Grand Tour” season on Amazon.

It’s not the first time that the journalist trio Jeremy Clarkson, David Hammond and James May try out some funny vehicle to entertain their spectators. We have seen them driving mud-build cars, cow-leather coated ones, as well as fast sport prototypes and stock models, ranging from Bugattis to the awesome Ferrari LaFerrari, an expensive thing meant for the Arabian markets even before being designed.

“I was just having some fun hovering around with this thing derived from a Range Rover” claimed Mr. Clarkson while enjoying a triple scotch sitting on his favo(u)rite chair in his favo(u)rite pub. “It’s a sort of capsule that relies on a very entertaining propulsion system I came up with. I can only say: it’s not environmentally friendly at all. And that’s good”.

Raising his glass, Mr. Clarkson invited his fans not to worry and promised a flubbergasting new season of “The Grand Tour”.

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