Still unclear who is guy that falls in love every 11 minutes on Parship

Posted on Feb 14 2020 - 8:52am by Andrea Julia Smith

Berlin, Germany – Dating start-up Parship has been covering the walls of Europe calling for help: on its platform there is some guy that supposedly falls in love every 11 minutes, leaving ex-lovers in despair after such short-lived romances.

Beathe Usa, the CEO of Parship, is desperate. “This is mining the credibility of our platform”, she declared. This guy uses multiple accounts to drive girls and boys to believe to his truest feelings, just to abandon them 10’59” later”.

Clearly enough, the guy seems to have almost unlimited financial resources to feed the need for human preys: at an average monthly fee between 30 and 60 euro, the multi-humanizer is estimated to invest an average of 180,000 euro per month on his vice.

(The figure has been derived as the total minutes of a month – 43,800 – divided by 11 and multiplied by 45 euro).

“What worries us even more” continues Frau Usa, “is that the speed of this sentimental predator is increasing every day. Three years ago he was falling in love with a person every 32 minutes. We expect the individual to fall in love every single minute by 2024, until virtually all the world might be under this threat”.

Reports of relationships of this person have surfaced in regions as distant as the island of Okinawa and Timbuktu. It is believed that the differentiation is due to the usage of local preys, whose stock is depleting at high rate.

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