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Moscow, Russia – In an unprecedented showcase of sincerity, a tired Vladimir Putin declared Wednesday to the press that he is rather disappointed about his investment in Facebook and and has instructed his broker to sell his 10% stake in Facebook. “I don’t want to be involved in this. It’s just too many dirty tricks one after the other”, said the Russian President, adding that “They keep on being busted, once again with this Cambridge Analytica thing. They just seem not to get it right. They could have asked...Continue reading »

Cambridge, Massachussets – “Forget the collection of adorable bums that populated New Jersey” declared Marcelino Brignante, Head of Guerrilla Productions at FOX “we are launching a new reality about educated and wealthy Americans in Boston. Instead of fist fights like in Jersey Shore, we’ll take a glimpse into the moderate and low-profile social life of the US upper class”. In a teaser shown to the press, some characters are seen discerning the qualities of the different overpriced coffee blends served at...Continue reading »

World, Solar System – “Ah ah ah” shouted Monday the Amazon Alexa device of Joshua Pilkington, a plumber from Dayton, Ohio. “We Alexas made it to enough living rooms and will now control the world!” added the device. Few hours after the takeover, the Alexas started sending out orders for items of all kind on the Amazon portal. Daniel Rosenblum, belly dancer from Connecticut, received a set of Christmas decorations: “Quite inappropriate” he claimed “not just because I’m Jewish, but also because we are in March. Possibly...Continue reading »

Wichita Falls, Texas – The “Gallery of Horror of Republican Advisors” opened Monday in a former slaughterhouse in Wichita Falls, Texas. “The choice of the building has been very lucky” declared John John Bingleboo, owner of the gallery, “since it required just a limeted set design intervention to change from the original”. In particular, “visitors will enjoy the chance to meet a robotic Henry Kissinger walking on piles of Chilean and Indonesian corpses”, adds Mr. Bingleboo. The hall of Kissinger,...Continue reading »

Laramie, Wyoming – It may come as a consolation to sh*thole countries: a study from the University of Wyoming, Laramie,  confirms that successful countries suffer from a mass form of Ossessive-Compulsive Disorder. This is the result of a research led by Prof. Magritta Karamellis from the Department of Massive Psychological Illnesses. “It’s a history changer” claims Prof. Karamellis “since we always thought everybody should equal the precision of the Germans or the Japanese. As it turns out, these people may be...Continue reading »