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New York, NY – A milestone has been set in the history of food: the first vegan-vegetarian-glutenfree-halal-kosher-raw-organic restaurant opened in the Meat Packing district in New York. Its name is “Pure Air” and it’s menu is just a blank page with prices. “We spent months trying to figure out a dining option that could satisfy parties of friends without vetoes of any sort” declared Samantha Shanti, founder of Pure Air “and in the end we found out that the only option possible was to offer people just...Continue reading »

Washington, D.C. – It’s the talent of great leaders to balance between stubbornness and a true assessment of circumstances – and US President Donald Trump yesterday  changed his attitude towards the border wall with Mexico as he declared war on the country. At an estimated cost of up to 25 billion dollars, “a wall would be way more expensive than a simple war against Mexico as a whole”, declared Trump theduring a closed door meeting in the Oval Office. “You see” said the President “why should...Continue reading »

Pacific Ocean, Earth – “We wouldn’t believe our eyes when we opened the hatch” declares Adm. Jonas Maloney from the USS Spitz “that Chinese space station it was completely filled up with fake Nikes. And also low quality Lacostes from the 1980s”. Yes, the Chinese space station that crashed on the Earth in the night between the April 1st and 2nd was part of a larger scheme to illegaly export counterfeit shoes. Adm. Maloney has strong opinions about the finding: “The way it looks suggests that China was experimenting with new ways...Continue reading »

Chattanooga Tennessee – It was one of the hardest fought battles in the US rust belt: introducing the values of gender equality and feminism in one of the less progressive area of the world. “I had almost given up” declares Miranda Tinkerbell, founder of the initiative Female Freedom from Freaks “when out of desperation I started shouting it all around Texas and Alabama: more feminism means more chances of a successful pick up”. A Pew Research survey reported that 87% of US men now embrace feminism as a result...Continue reading »

Tampa, Florida – It’s a breakthrough in the history of fitness: the first “demotivational” gym is to open in Tampa, Florida in the fall. “It’s a no-brainer” believes founder Carlito Andersson “because we are just reacting to all the obsession with being in shape and so on. We eliminate the need for being in shape, so people feel no remorse and become happy. Winners don’t quit? So just never start, and you’ll never quit”. “GiveUp” is the name of the gym and fancies...Continue reading »