Nation slowly realizes that undecided red-blue map actually final result of election

Posted on Nov 7 2020 - 1:58pm by Luger James

Washington, D.C. – “The point is just that we don’t know how to tell this to the electorate” claims Marcinkus Rotherson, head of election operation in Washington. “That map is not going anywhere. Biden stays like at 254 and Trump at 213. That’s it. Basta. Finito”.

What many electors where suspecting is slowly being confirmed as reality: the US election will not have a winner. “It is also clear, I mean” declares Rambo Johnston, a plumber from Waco, Texas. “We have been staring at that stupid map since Tuesday, it is obvious that that is the final result”.

The undecided result casts a new shadow on the reliability of the US electoral system. As far as it seems, the founding fathers hadn’t written anything about this possible outcome, and there is no amendment available to solve this riddle.

“This might mark the end of the US as we know it. There is no other constitutionally viable option” declares Paula Lee, a jurist from Boston, Massachussets. “We will have to come to terms that we are stuck here in eternity”.

A flash-poll by Gallup claims that the nation might fall into complete anarchy before the end of the weekend.