Halloween: In move towards integration, California bans caucasian kids from wearing Black Panther costumes

Posted on Oct 24 2018 - 10:21am by Zac De La Vigne

Sacramento, California – The state  of California decided to take a bold decision about the defining question “shall white kids be allowed to wear a Black Panther costume for Halloween?”. Starting this year, all kids will be required to undergo a DNA testing to define what costumes they are allowed to wear – basing on their ethnicity.

In a world facing problems such as the migrant crisis in Africa, global warming, famine in Yemen and war in the Middle East, the attention of the American public is focused on the issue of Black Panther as a means to create a sustainable future for the coming generations.

“And this is really good because DNA testing will just help integration” claims Samantha Gerrard, head of racial policies at the California State Council. “African-American and Caucasian kids will wear costumes consistent with the color of their skin, in a strict separation that will make miracles to overcome racial segregation”.

The plan doesn’t end here. Does your son want to dress like Super Mario or Luigi? Not a go, unless your family name is of clear Italian origin, such as Fettuccini or Bambino. “Yet, also in this case, DNA testing will help find out if the kids are truly Italians or not: a family name might not suffice” claims Mrs. Gerrard.

Similar provisions are planned for outfits such as Batman and Iron Man, as in that case kids must prove to come from very rich families. Children suffering with ATD will be allowed to dress up as The Joker and Japanese ones will enjoy the chance to be little Godzillas. The Chewbacca outfit is reserved for particularly hairy kids, and if your daughter wants to be a Barbie she must be a little blond WASP.

“It’s an ambitious plan, but segregating children basing on skin color will be a big blow against racism”, concludes Mrs. Gerrard.

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