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Pensacola, Florida – “As if it were not enough: they don’t buy cars, they share apartments that will never buy, they don’t have...Continue reading »

Cincinnati, Ohio – “Why should we respect animal life, and not that of plants?” asks Theodora Wasserstein, inventor of “airianism”,...Continue reading »

Denver, Colorado – A new study by the University of Denver, Colorado, revealed that the vast majority of millennials are currently writing a series...Continue reading »

Madison, Wisconsin – “It was really a no brainer: just read the text” claims Rodrigo Armentador, president of the World Stalkers Association....Continue reading »

Guru Mr. Shanti Saghrawhali, aged 43 Auroville, India – Shanti Saghrawhali is a 43 years old guru from Kerala that never worked a single day his...Continue reading »