Black-Hole discovery: NASA plans two-finger mission to check Universe’s prostate

Posted on Apr 11 2019 - 7:25am by Ricarda Stevenson

Hampton, Virginia – The time for rejoicing was very short: right upon the diffusion of the first black-hole photo ever, NASA is planning a mission to go deeper into the thing – a double-rocket expedition to check if the Universe’s prostate is all right.

“I can safely assume that there might be some issues with hyperplasia” believes Roger Albert Dam, Ph.D. “This black hole is around 55 million years old and we can expect that around this age the prostate may be enlarged”.

Possibly, the double-rocket mission will carry a load of Finasteride to try reduce the extent of the problem, “although this may impact the sexual life of the black hole and therefore the ability to produce other dimensions”, adds Mr. Dam, Ph.D.

“The possibility of a prostatectomy is not excluded” claims the reseacher “although it might be quite a challenge to remove a prostata the size of two million of suns and take it back to this side of the Universe, because even light cannot escape black-holes”.

The mission has been approved by the NASA board and has an estimated cost of 21 billion USD, equal to the total NASA budget.

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