Berlin to introduce two-week marriage contracts to cope with local mating habits

Posted on Apr 9 2019 - 5:48am by Ricarda Stevenson

Berlin, Germany – In a city where the longest relationships seem to last not longer than a couple of weeks, the traditional, life-long marriage contract seemed to be not at par with the times.

“That’s why we decided to provide a viable alternative” claims Marianna Moller, Secretary for Civil Policies in Berlin. “People will have the chance to get married for a limited time, no strings attached. It is something that has been existing in the Muslim world for centuries”.

It’s not the first time that Berlin draws inspiration from the Middle East. “Polygamy is very popular in Berlin and has been rebranded as ‘Polyamory’ – not to mention the success of Kebab” adds Mrs. Moller.

Wedding planners are getting ready for a new boom, organizing banquets of all sorts for temporary wives and husbands. An agency in Kreuzberg is even offering a subscription model that allows to get married up to six times per year for a fixed fee.

“The only issue will be the queue of marrying couples in front of the U-Bahn ‘Wedding’ sign in Wedding. it’s already intolerable and can get only worse” concludes Mrs. Moller.

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