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Ricarda Stevenson

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Amman, Jordan – The archaeologists that recently discovered a piece of bread at an excavation site in Jordan¬† revealed today the result of their...Continue reading »

Tacoma, Washington – It took years of researching, but the truth has finally been unveiled: cats are an alien race successfully enslaving mankind....Continue reading »

Troy, Greece – A group of 1,594,375 Greeks that claim to be Homer’s descendants filed a mass lawsuit against Netflix for copyright infringement:...Continue reading »

Tuscaloosa, Alabama – Fred Brodino is the first of a new generation of football players that will complete a Ph.D. before proceeding to the NFL....Continue reading »

New York, NY – A milestone has been set in the history of food: the first vegan-vegetarian-glutenfree-halal-kosher-raw-organic restaurant opened...Continue reading »