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Andrea Julia Smith

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Moscow, Russia – In an unprecedented showcase of sincerity, a tired Vladimir Putin declared Wednesday to the press that he is rather disappointed...Continue reading »

World, Solar System – “Ah ah ah” shouted Monday the Amazon Alexa device of Joshua Pilkington, a plumber from Dayton, Ohio. “We...Continue reading »

Laramie, Wyoming – It may come as a consolation to sh*thole countries: a study from the University of Wyoming, Laramie,  confirms that successful...Continue reading »

Solar System, Milky Way – It’s another hit on the head for genius startupper and Tesla founder Elon Musk: the Tesla Roadster he forced his...Continue reading »

New York, NY – The law Firm “Ben, Benson & Bensonmum” from New York launched today an app called “iConsent” to close...Continue reading »