Study reveals: 78% of Milllennials writing a series for Netflix

Posted on May 4 2018 - 9:05am by Zac De La Vigne

Denver, Colorado – A new study by the University of Denver, Colorado, revealed that the vast majority of millennials are currently writing a series for Netflix. “It’s not surprising at all” believes Prof. Andreas Sturgeon, one of the co-authors of the study. “Every single time you chat with a millennial, he ends up telling you that he’s currently writing a new series for Netflix”.

Most interestingly, each one of the millennials can rely on “some sort of contact” with a Netflix commissioning producer.

The extraordinary thing about the research is how few the topics of the series are. “It’s mostly always the same thing, like stories of some losers in a major city trying to overcome the difficulties of being a loser in a major city, and in the end there is some small success and they are all happy as a bunch of losers in a big city”, explains Prof. Sturgeon.

Only the series written in Germany are different: in that case, the protagonist usually dies or kills himself for some futile reason.

As a motivation for writing a story, 97% of female respondents claimed that “there is no Lena Dunham figure yet in my city and I want to be her”. The remaining 3% of female respondents lives in New York City, where there is a Lena Dunham already.

Netflix plans to produce 175.342 series in 2019 in order to make room to more millennials writing series.

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